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Instant Legal Practice Review

I have recently started using Instant Consulting Practice to manage my marketing business. I've found that with a few modifications, it's a great CRM for projects, tasks, time and billing, and note-taking. I simple create a client and the program creates a OneNote workbook and links it to the client. I especially like that I can sync my documents via OneDrive for Business to my PC.

The good news it that InstantQuick also offers Instant Legal Practice. It's mainly for small practices, and is extremely easy to setup and use. It's built on SharePoint, so you can access your program from anywhere.

Two notes:

  1. I've tested the timer on multiple browsers, and it only works correctly in Internet Explorer (possibly Edge.) I don't know why, but I've tried it out a few times. Also, watch the rounding of the time entries, it's more accurate if you pause the timer when taking a break than creating a bunch on smaller time entries as the rounding will distort your billable hours.
  2. I also created a new dashboard page with web parts that list all of my current tasks and clients. You could easily add the projects as well.

I've also had pretty good response on support. As always, be sure to check out the terms and conditions of the software to make sure you are covered legally.

Check out Instant Legal Practice for more information.

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Instant Legal Practice


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